Master Your Movement

Connect the dots and go beyond rigid, dogmatic approaches with a holistic framework for movement.

Find Clarity & Balance

Use awareness practices to feel more alive, awake, and whole.  Reconnect to your vision and bring it to life.

Be Fully Engaged

Deepen your connection to yourself, your community, and your world as you build confidence in your own path.

What Sets Liminal Movement Apart?

When it comes to movement and personal growth, most approaches focus on just the body, the nervous system, or your mindset, and they miss the bigger picture.  You don't live in a vacuum.  You're a beautifully interconnected system, and everything ties together.  Liminal Movement helps people reconnect to their bodies so they can deepen their connection to the world around them.  Combine that with deep coaching around mindset and mental blocks, and you have an unparalleled approach to movement and growth.

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Are you searching for a deeper connection to your body--and yourself?

Tired of working on your body instead of living in it?

Do you want a greater sense of clarity and confidence in finding your own way?

I want to invite you to apply for a breakthrough coaching call, free of charge. Together we'll identify exactly what's holding you back and develop a plan of action to help you find more movement possibilities, a stronger connection to your body, and a happier, more dynamic life.  

These spaces are extremely limited, and I review applications thoroughly to make sure I can really help you. Click below to apply.